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If you're applying for the first time
Documents you need

All documents must be translated into Russian and certified in the prescribed manner (by a notary or at the consular department of the embassy)

For a complete list of documents and the procedure for certification, check with universities

A copy of the document on education with a list of subjects and grades (with translation into Russian)

Copy of ID or Passport

Completed application form (form will be issued by the university or representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo)

Photography (If required)

When submitting documents to the University

Application for admission to study indicating the chosen specialty and form of study

Document proving the identity of the applicant and his citizenship (original and notarized translation into Russian)

Document on education indicating the subjects studied and grades obtained (original and notarized translation into Russian)

Medical certificate of the established form on the absence of contraindications for studying in Russia with a note on the results of the analysis for HIV infection

Photography of a standardized sample

At the first stage, as a rule, it is enough to provide certified and translated copies of the identity card and documents on the available education. At the second stage (on arrival in Russia), you need to bring the original documents and additional certificates to the university admissions office)

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